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Do you ever wonder if God has a specific purpose for your life?  Do you feel you are doing what God designed you to do?  I always thought that my purpose was to be a good person and do what was right.  Was I missing it!  God does have something He has designed us to do and He will speak to us if we are ready to listen.  If you don't feel you hear from God, I would love to share my testimony with you!

Ever since I was a young girl, I believed in Jesus and went to church.  As I grew older, I spent more and more time becoming "religious" - saying the rosary everyday, teaching Sunday School, volunteering throughout the community with Christian organizations, etc.  Even with all this, I wasn't experiencing the inner peace that I knew Christ came to give.  My family life was a mess, with a lack of communication and lots of arguing.  There was definitely something missing!

A few years ago things started to change.  My husband began listening to Bible teachers on the radio and memorizing Scripture verses.  Around the same time, a friend challenged me to read through the Bible in a year with her.  Initially, I was very reluctant, but I have to tell you that in a short time I began to feel God speak to me through His Word - and it began to change my life!  There is wisdom for everyday living right in the Bible and I waited 40 years to read it!

After reading many verses like Ephesians 2:8-9 "For it by free grace that we are saved...not because of works, lest any man boast", and Galatians 2:21 "For if justification comes through observing the law, Christ died in vain", a feeling of peace filled me.  I was always told I had to do all of these things to go to heaven - like attending mass every Sunday, confessing my sins to a priest, etc.  In the Gospel of John, Jesus says that all we have to do is believe, rely upon, and trust in Him to have eternal life - and do it with so much conviction that as Paul puts it, "It is not I who live, but Christ who lives in me".  I was so busy working my way into heaven.  I never knew that all Jesus wanted was me to surrender my heart and life to Him.   Our culture has missed what believing in Jesus really means.  It is more than believing, it is obeying.  That is why we need to read the Bible.  We need to know how we are to live.  God showed me that I have been the lord of my life and God designed that place for Jesus.

During these past few years, God has totally changed my life!   My husband and I have found our purpose - to serve Jesus and draw others to Him by sharing that true happiness doesn't come by living up to the culture's standards.  It only comes from a life committed to becoming more like Christ.   Roses to Remember is much more than a business to me - it is a ministry.  God has allowed me to share His love and grace with so many people. That is why it is such an honor to serve you!

I now know what I was missing!  His name is Jesus.  He was always waiting to carry my burdens and guide my path.  He is waiting to speak to you too.  Life doesn't need to be so hard.  Open His Word and let Him speak.  God is faithful to His promises, so read what they are!  The Gospels, Psalms and Proverbs are excellent places to start.  The Book of Psalms is especially comforting if your loved one has entered into eternal life.  Now all of my prayer time is spent reading God's Word, meditating on it and speaking to Him personally - not just in memorized prayer!

Thank You God for what You have done for me!  I am a new creation in Christ!  I pray that God will reveal Himself to you too -  in a life changing way! 


Please let me know if He does.  I would love to hear your testimony!

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