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Our Story

Roses to Remember uses only rose petals to make our rose beads.  We use a technique passed down by the cloistered Carmelite Sisters.   The process begins by finely grinding the rose petals into a paste - nothing else is added.  When the paste ages to the proper consistency and turns black in color, it is hand rolled into balls and pins are inserted to make holes.  As the roses dry, they harden and shrink to about half of their original size.  Then the rose petal beads are designed into sentimental keepsakes for you to treasure.

This business was started in 2000 by Lisa Cressey.  She is very thankful to have been able to share this meaningful craft with so many men and women from all over the country.  Many of the roses we work with are funeral roses.  Lisa feels humbled to have honored the memory of so many incredible people.  She lives in St. Louis, with her husband Dan and son Danny.

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